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White Sage Smudge Sticks
White Sage Smudge Sticks

White Sage Smudge Sticks

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This 4" white sage smudge stick is often used as the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings. It is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for cleansing energy within your home or workspace and is known to be excellent for meditation, cleansing, and smudging.

Besides removing negative energy, using sage helps to neutralize the energy of the space, enhancing your intuition. This helps to relieve your worries, open your mind, clear away negative thoughts and feelings and harmonize the body by releasing the stress of your spirit.


  • The added Eucalyptus, recognized as one of Earth's earliest herbal healers, is considered a stimulant, recharges mental sluggishness, encourages emotional balance, strengthens concentration, and stimulates blood flow.
  • The added Blue Sage, is widely used for cleansing and purification purposes, it provides spiritual strength and to rid a space of negative energy. 


To use smudge stick: Light the tip of the stick. Pass through your house/office spreading the white smoke into every corner, clearing the air of impurities and filling your space with the fragrant smell. 

You can also ‘sage’ a person by tracing their outline with the smoke of the sage. 

Caution: Be sure to smudge with care, using a non-flammable container in which to catch ashes as the sage burns. Please keep away from children, pets, & other flammable material. Please also keep your windows open. Please make sure that a smudge stick is COMPLETELY out before leaving the area unattended.

Grown in U.S.A. White ceremonial sage leaves available for pre-order


--- White ceremonial sage has been used since the ancient Egyptians and Romans to treat digestive issues, memory problems, and sore throats. It has more recently become popular in other cultures and used for centuries by Native Americans for its natural healing properties. The art of ‘saging’ (or "smudging" by Native Americans) has been passed to others around the world to purify the home and rid the air of negative energies and recent illness.